SA Waterproofing has launched its own rope access division to the South African market, ROPETEAM capturing the industry by consistently gaining client’s trust and loyalty.

Having completed several major projects of its own, ROPETEAM has been solidified as a ‘household name’ within the construction industries, with many large players switching over to RopeTeam from ineffective market incumbents.

We provide safe and efficient height access solutions for your commercial or industrial maintenance needs. We provide a quality service and our team is highly trained with the highest of knowledge and professionalism.
Rope access is connected efficiently resulting in limited interference in the surrounding areas and day-to-day operations.

Our service is of the highest of quality and safety, where our team goes through intensive training and all our sites have management who are inspecting the safety and quality.

We understand the importance of operating with safety and critical time paths.

Our team value the needs of our clients and we will continue to nurture our relationships with our clients, as together we can achieve bigger things.

SA Waterproofing offers

Service excellence


Superior Value

Expert Site Management

Exceptional Quality

Unlimited Solutions

Darrell Band Founder, Head of Operations


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We continue to serve

SA Waterproofing remains open to serve our customers in light of COVID-19 where we will only attend to a leaking roof thats needs immediate attention.

All employees are equipped with the correct PPE, gloves, masks and sanitiser.

We are educating our employees in line with WHO guidelines and have implemented strict hygiene policies across our services with all relevant permits.

SA Waterproofing Emergency Team