A concrete flat roof is a great structure, as it is a life time product. It is a structure that must have a waterproofing system that is manufactured specifically for this purpose, as often due to the slight degree in the roof, water can collect on the roof and stay there for long periods, and that is why a torch-on system is fitted, as water will not effect the product.

A Torch-on system is applied to a concrete roof. A Concrete roof repair is often necessary because concrete is susceptible to scaling, cracking, crazing, spalling, and a host of other issues with regular wear and tear. In most cases, minor, timely repairs and regular maintenance will ensure that there is no structural damage.

This Torch-on system is fitted by qualified SA Waterproofing personal, who apply the torch-on system by a heat fusion technique. This system is maintained by applying silver aluminum coat of paint to protect the product from the UV rays.

Our service is applied on flat and concrete roofs, and building foundations.


  1. Firstly there is a concrete roof.
  2. It may be difficult to identify the issue or cause of leak on the concrete roof.
  3. The ceiling will have signs of leaks – Brown or Yellow stains.
  4. The products used on the concrete roof will have signs of wear and tear, or discolour.
  5. If a silver product was used on the roof, there may be signs of the silver vanishing.
  6. The product used on the concrete roof may be bubbling, lifting or cracking.
  7. Generally, a Torch-on System would have been used, but this has a lifespan of 15 years, which needs to serviced.
  8. The reason of the leak me be because the Torch-on material has expired or the material has been damaged by a third party.


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